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Reset and Relax Programs (To Reduce Anxiety and Stress)

Our Client's Results

"Your calming and empowering techniques are having a transformative effect on me already! Thank you so much for sharing this life-changing information!" ~Barbara

“I'm going to start doing this today. I need to overcome these crippling thoughts that affect my confidence as I am going to need to be ready for my job interviews.” ~Stacey

"The Strategies....Panic Erase Method......2-Minute-Mind-Reset.....Information on Anxiety.....I can’t thank you enough" ~Paige

Encouragement Parenting Programs

Our Parent's Results

"Listening to this talk really re-set my mind for positivity with my family and made me cry, loving families we all have and want." ~Faith

"My "baby" is leaving for college in two weeks. I so wish I had this information 18 years ago. We knew my oldest was gifted but my son was very different. Creative type with intensities that masked giftedness for a while. Good night. Bless you for sharing this information and clearing up misconceptions." ~Wendy

"You are amazing, generous with your gifts and gracious to share. I wish you were around when my oldest son was born but by God's grace he has flourished and is a very successful man, husband and new dad. My grandson who will be 3 in a month is the one I listened to this training for and you gave me a wealth of info and encouragement to share with my son and daughter in law." ~Ann

Meet Catherine






Top 101 Expert, Award Winning Counselor, mom of a teen, grandma of 3
All of my offers are evidence-based strategies tested and refined over 25 years experience working as a counselor and mental health therapist


*The information on this website, downloads, and emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor. If you are struggling with a mental illness, please seek medical support from your doctor and/or if you live in the State of Illinois schedule a counseling appointment through My Counseling Office at


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