Discover the 1-2 Punch that turns anxiety into a SuperPower so you can stop the worry, feel more in control, and begin to kick anxiety to the curb


  • Transforming brain power from out of control to in command (the source of the superpower)
  • How to Identify Super Villains before they jump out and attack (ANTS and the 4 types of Anxiety)
  • Our 1-2 Punch Method that has brought immediate relief to our clients
  • Our Special Morning Ritual and Routine to start the day off strong


  • The Smart Action Start Guide

This Guide has an essential oil that busts up anxiety along with cognitive behavioral strategies that help begin the transformation of anxiety into a Superpower.

đź’­From Past Super Hero Traineesđź’­

“The strategies and information on anxiety. This was so helpful, I cannot tell you how grateful I am.” 

“No one ever taught me the strategies like that before.”

“I can't wait to share this with my teen.”

"Your calming and empowering techniques are having a transformative effect on me already! Thank you so much for sharing this life-changing information!"

Barbara R.
Anxiety is a Superpower Webinar

"I've learned more in 1 session than 7 months of supportive psychotherapy."


"I'm going to start doing this today. I need to overcome these crippling thoughts that affect my confidence as I am going to need to be ready for job interviews."

Anxiety is a Superpower Webinar

"The strategies, it's the strategies that have made all the difference. No one ever taught me the strategies like that before."


What you Get in the Training:

  • The Neuropsychology of Anxiety and how this is a superpower
  • ANTS and how to control your mind rather than your mind controlling you
  • The 4 Types of Anxiety and why we address each type differently
  • How essential oils plus evidence-based strategies alleviate the different types of anxiety
  • Two strategies that you can use to pick you up, make you feel great, and start your day off strong.

Using essential oils with Cognitive Behavioral Strategies to alleviate anxiety

The 1-2 Punch that turns your anxiety into a superpower

Transform anxiety into a superpower with us in this 60-minute course.  Download the guide to an essential oil that busts up anxiety and strategies that start you on your path to transforming your anxiety into a superpower.

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with Essential Oil training by Andrea Warren

Catherine Gruener, M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, PDTC

Combining neuropsychology and clinical counseling, mental health and multiple holistic fields research, and 27 years of success refining techniques in the counseling office, I'm here to help you take back your life, creating more connected, more fulfilling, and more loving relationships with yourself and your loved ones.  I am deeply dedicated to help you reconnect with your core values, hopes and dreams so you can live your best life. 

Andrea Warren, AIA, CHWC, CABC, AFT

Andrea Warren is an expert aromatherapist with almost two decades of personal and professional experience. In addition to her BS in Natural Health Sciences, she is certified through the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy as well as holds certificates in Health and Wellness coaching, Chakra Healing and Animal Behavior. Andrea will show you how to incorporate the powerful chemical-free tool of aromatherapy into your family and everyday life to make health and wellness changes you never knew were possible.


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