My Child is Intense!

Or is He/She Gifted?!

“Hundreds of parents have intense and asynchronous kids and don't even know that they have a gifted child. "~Catherine

What happens when your newborn, baby, or toddler does things that are not in the parenting books

  • say their first word at or before 6 months
  • count or sight read before the age of 2
  • memorize everything and correct you when you get it wrong
  • are intense and on the go


they already know everything that they are doing in Preschool?

they tell you that they don't want to go to school anymore?

teachers tell you that they talk to much, interrupt them, don't complete their work and know that they can do it?

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Catherine Gruener, M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, PDTC    Author of Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When You Have the Unexpected

Catherine combines her knowledge from 2 masters degrees, one in neuropsychology and second in clinical counseling, 25 years of experience in mental health, certifications in Positive Discipline, trainings from the Yale Parent Center in Parent Management, and research on the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted children, as a licensed and nationally certified clinical professional counselor and parent educator, to provide you transformative trainings on Parenting Your Gifted Child.

As Seen at The Davidson Institute, Chicago Gifted Community Center, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, Quest Academy, The Science and Arts Academy, The Avery Coonley School, Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted, Parents of Gifted Education, Community Organization for Gifted Children