Parenting Gifted Children Strategies for Success

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  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Parents and Professionals Make when Identifying Gifted Children
  • The characteristics of Gifted Children that will help you understand your child like never before
  • My Top 3 Parent Strategies and Worksheets using hands-on experiential training that made Faith cry tears of Hope

So you feel more connected and capable when parenting your gifted child

This is the training I wish I would have had when my son was 3.  The training my clients say they they wish they had years before they came to see me.  This training is educational only, it is not intended for mental health consultation or consultation regarding my child's health or mental health.



"Listening to this talk really re-set my mind for positivity with my family and the internal visual of my children in 15 years made me cry, loving families we all have and want."

How to Parent A Gifted Child Webinar

"My "baby" is leaving for college in two weeks. I so wish I had this information 18 years ago. We knew my oldest was gifted but my son was very different. Creative type with intensities that masked giftedness for a while. Good night. Bless you for sharing this information and clearing up misconceptions."

How to Parent A Gifted Child Webinar

"Highly Recommend!!!
I learned more in 1 session than 7 months of therapy!"

Previous Participants
Encouragement Parenting Trainings

"I admire you for the important work you are doing! There is certainly a need for coaches to help parents on their journeys with gifted children."

Dr. Paula Wilkes
Coach for Gifted Children and Adults

"Catherine has shown excellent knowledge on her ability to work with gifted children and their parents. I am impressed with her ability to know exactly what is going on in the shortest amount of time. I highly recommend her work with you and your children."

Dr. Jennifer Lagrotte

"Thank you! you were very knowledgeable and made it easy to follow. I also felt very comfortable asking questions."

How to Parent a Gifted Child Webinar

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What is Included:

  • The top 3 Mistakes Professionals Make When Identifying a Gifted Child
  • The top 2 Characteristics of Gifted Children that will help you understand your gifted child like never before
  • My Top 3 Parenting Strategies and Worksheets that made Faith cry tears of Hope
  • Secrets of Parenting Gifted Children that help you feel connected and capable
  • Access to the Online Training for 1 Full Year


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Catherine Gruener, M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, PDTC    Author of Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When You Have the UnexpectedAs Seen at The Davidson Institute, Chicago Gifted Community Center, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, Quest Academy, The Science and Arts Academy, The Avery Coonley School, Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted, Parents of Gifted Education, Community Organization for Gifted Children

Catherine combines her knowledge from 2 masters degrees, one in neuropsychology and second in clinical counseling, 25 years of experience in mental health, certifications in Positive Discipline, trainings from the Yale Parent Center in Parent Management, and research on the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted children, as a licensed and nationally certified clinical professional counselor and parent educator, to provide you transformative trainings on Parenting Your Gifted Child.


Perhaps you’ve read parenting books and tried out some of the ideas in the books, but they didn’t seem to go over well or didn’t work at all.

Though you looked, you couldn’t find ‘What to Expect when Expecting a Gifted Child’ on the bookshelves, or maybe you have read my book!

You probably have a precocious child who didn't follow the normal developmental models and you may have even worried that something was wrong with them... until someone mentioned that you may have a gifted child. And if they didn't mention it, I'm mentioning it now.

This training is the webinar that I would have wanted when my kid was 3.  It focuses on the unique social and emotional characteristics of young gifted children, common parenting challenges, general parent strategies, and some hands-on parent training exercises.

Combining current research with hands-on examples and experiential exercises, you will learn about misconceptions of giftedness, gain a deeper understanding of your child, and take away my 3 biggest parenting strategies.

I hope you join me!



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