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All The Tools You Need

To Parent Your Teen Wisely

Help your children to perform better in school, learn better social skills and deal with difficult issues, including substance abuse. Learn the skills that other parent's of successful teenagers use.

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Do You Struggle Getting Your Teen to:

  • Do Housework

  • Do Homework

  • Come Home On Time

  • Stop Playing Loud Music or Being Plugged into a Device All of The Time

  • Stop Fighting with their Siblings 

  • Or Get Up on Time

And You'd love to have a more connected, more fulfilling relationship with your teen.  Heck, you'd even take just a little more peace and quiet...

Even if you have read lots of books and tried lots of strategies that haven't worked? 

Well, if so, you'll love the Parenting Wisely Program through Encouragement Parenting. 

It is for parents with children ages 11 and above and helps your children to:

  • listen

  • cooperate

  • perform better in school

  • learn better social skills

  • deal with difficult issues, even issues like substance abuse

  • and so much more! 

This highly interactive course is designed by family and social scientists to help parents with tips and tools to parent your teen in difficult situations. 

Your Training Includes:

Video Scenarios

Watch common parenting scenarios and then see different responses for how to handle situations.

Review Questions

After each video scenario, you review the responses and understand why different situations happen and how to deal with them in real time.

Interactive Quizzes

At the end of each chapter, you'll have the opportunity to test your understanding by taking a quiz. Quizzes help prepare you to handle these situations in the future.

Certificate of Completion

Earn, download and print out your certificate of completion when you complete the course.

Key benefits from this course

  • The program covers topics such as:
    • Communication skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Increasing parental supervision and discipline of their child
    • Effective discipline
    • Speaking respectfully
    • Chore compliance
    • Peer pressure
    • Step-parenting issues
    • Mindful parenting
    • Information on brain science

How Much Is the Program?

  • Priceless because you literally could be less stressed, in more control, and be more present in the moment, getting your kids to listen, follow directions and do what you asked them to do.


Ok, here's the real deal...the program is:

Less than $597....the Cost of the Encouragement Parenting Program

Less than $250...the Cost of a Private Parent Session with a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Less than $100!!!

You get the entire program

YOUR PRICE: only $80  


What's the Catch?  I only have a limited number of these programs to sell at this price so you have to act fast.


Learn constructive skills proven to solve problem behaviors, family conflict, and more.